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Structural Rehabilation & Retrofitting
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Restoration of Bridge damaged by Earth Quake at Andaman

The recent major earthquake epicentred at Sumatra (Indonesia) followed by the massive Tsunami has led to major damages to structures and severe loss of life. In India Andaman faced the brunt of the earthquake measuring about 7.5 on Ritcher scale. The damage was severe to the port structures, bridges and buildings.

Bridge immediately after earth quake

One such bridge is the Austin Creek Bridge which connects Andaman island with the Diglipur Island on the northern most tip of the islands. This is the longest bridge in Andaman islands measuring about 268 m with 13 spans. All the 13 spans are displaced either laterally or longitudinally and at the same time damaging the superstructure.

Bridge immediately after earth quake

The damage was mostly to the end beams and the Expansion joints over and above the bearings, Pedestals etc. The photographs along with show the extent of lateral shift of the girders and damage to the expansion joints.

Lifting and casting of new pedestal

Before lifting and adjustment to the spans it was found prudent to repair all the structural damages of the structure which included:
  • Strengthening of all end beams damaged Using Micro concrete.
  • After checking the levels of the pier caps casting of new pedestals to level and required slope using High performance concrete .
  • Recasting of expansion joints (after final alignment) and replacement of rubber.
  • Lifting and alignment of all spans using Hydraulic jacks.
  • Replacement of all damaged Neoprene Bearings by New ones.

Finally aligned bridge.

The job was successfully completed in 2 months and Re- Inaugurated on 15 th August 2005 to the satisfaction of all concerned. The job was executed in Joint Venture with M/s V S L India Limited.



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