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Structural Rehabilation & Retrofitting
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At one of the projects in Hyderabad, due to architectural changes, the clients have decided to demolish the 4th floor slab of a under construction building.  The details slab to be demolished are as under 
Total slab area : 500 sqm
Type of Slab : P T SLAB WITH P T BEAMS
Thickness of slab : 225 mm
Depth of beams : 0.9 m
Width of Beams : 1.20 m and 1.80 m.
Height of Slab : 15 m from Ground level.


Being a P T slab with PT beams it was required to carryout the job carefully without any damage to the balance structure. 


Of all the methods of dismantling available, High Reach Boom Demolition was found to be the most safest and fastest way of removing the slab.  VARSHITHA was awarded the project and the complete job was completed in Just 4 days time (excluding mobilization time).


Before commencement of the crushing activity, first the P T cables in the beams were cut off at ends using diamond core drilling.  This is to avoid any transfer of sudden stresses to the columns in case the grouting of the cables is not proper.  After that using High reach Boom Crusher capable of reaching height upto 28.0 m was used to crush the slab.



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